Entering 2017, we find ourselves faced with more choices in a day than most people had in a week in the past. So with all of these choices, what‘s the big difference. A car is a car and an apple and apple, right. Nope, that is not true or even remotely close to true. Is a pinto the same as a Bentley? Are “Granny Smith” apples the same as a “Macintosh” apple? While it is true in both examples, they can be found in the same category, but miles apart.

A small pinto is affordable, reliable, but not fast, precise, or aesthetically pleasing, but a Bentley, on the other hand, is all of the above. It goes for the apple reference too. One apple is tangy with a sour bite, and the other is a perfectly sweet stewing apple.

Thus, we arrive at the doorstep of the umbrellas world. When it comes to patio umbrellas and finding the right one to accent your lovely patio furniture, the options can be just as overwhelming as buying a new car. More makes, models, and colors than you can process. Designs never before seen, one of a kind artwork and so much more.

Nowadays, you can no longer just call them patio umbrellas. There are offset umbrellas, which are also referred to as cantilever umbrellas, tilt umbrellas, and even mountable umbrellas. So where would you go and shop for outdoor umbrellas? Mega-retailers like Walmart, Target and other well-known department stores will be more than happy to sell you subpar or branded market umbrellas at rock bottom prices. The issue with these is quality, durability, and frequency of replacement.

In most cases, it is also a gamble ordering anything online. You cannot touch the items, nor can you inspect it for any potential defects. So whether if your aim is to buy a new or replace your old tilt umbrellas with new offset umbrellas, you need to locate a reliable vendor.

Offset or Cantilever umbrellas are great in utilizing limited space, but when it comes to diversifying your patio furniture, it is hard to steer away from the many types of tilt umbrellas. There are auto-tilts, collar-tilts, and even push-button tilt umbrellas. Let us take a moment to explore the differences between the tilt umbrellas.

Push-Button Tilt Umbrellas are Archaic

Even though push-button tilt umbrellas are still around and are still being manufactured, they are almost obsolete, found mainly in department stores. The idea behind these are simple. Simple crank, pull or push to open the canopy of the umbrella. To operate the tilt function, there is usually a button up near the top of the pole, close to the canopy that if you push will allow the umbrella to tilt in the desired direction. You can find these almost where you can buy standard patio umbrellas.

Auto Tilt Umbrellas Resemble Push-Buttons

In case you are unfamiliar with patio umbrellas, they can be found in all shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Offset umbrellas or cantilever umbrellas are suspended from the top of the canopy rather than being supporting the canopy from the bottom. Offsets have a tilt function as well and many feature an auto tilt function. Simply turn the crank and presto! Your tilt umbrellas start to conform to the Sun’s light, providing much-needed shade. Auto-tilts do provide a multifaceted approach, offering more than just a few tilt positions. Auto tilt umbrellas are a step up from push buttons, but they are not the best tilt umbrellas in my opinion. That title goes to the collar tilt umbrellas.

Collar Tilt Umbrellas Leave Other Tilts In the Dust

It is not a push-button, nor is it an auto-tilt. It is a tilt umbrella design and it’s putting the other two designs to shame. Not like a push-button, you will not have to stretch yourself to reach a lever or crank near the top to enjoy a good tilt. You will also not have to keep cranking like an auto-tilt until you get the right angle. Collar tilt umbrellas use a dial just above the crank mechanism that extends the umbrella out. Simply by turning the dial you can tune into that perfect angle and block the sun from ruining your nice tan or causing that dreadful looking squinted face.

The real question is how do you tilt?