When the sun is beaming down on you in the summer, nothing is better than sitting under the coolness of the shade- besides maybe a glass of water. In most cases, we turn to sun umbrellas to shield us from the sun while at the beach, the park, or the neighborhood park. But since sun umbrellas are so useful and convenient for providing shade, they can also be used to provide shade in many other locations as well. Once you are aware of the many and various uses that sun umbrellas offer, then you will find that you can better enjoy the outdoors without worrying about basting in the hot sun and becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

Umbrellas On The Patio

Probably one of the most obvious uses of a sun umbrella is to provide shade over the patio. Whether you are hosting an outdoor dinner, or just lounging around and reading a good book, sun umbrellas over the patio just make sense. Not only does it provide protection from UV rays emitted from the sun, but it also makes your patio a comfortable living space that you can enjoy, even on the hottest days.

Sun Umbrellas In Backyard

The extra space in your backyard that is not a part of your patio could use some shade as well. If you do not have trees in your backyard to shield the area from the blazing sun, turning to sun umbrellas can be what you need to cool down your play area. Regardless of whether you want to lounge on the lawn or eat lunch at a picnic table, you can sit out in your yard and still have shade if you use a large enough sun umbrella.

Sun Umbrellas On Balcony

People who have a balcony instead of (or in addition to) a patio, can still benefit from using sun umbrellas. Even though balcony space is typically smaller and more compact than a patio, they are still subject to capturing the heat from the sun and making the area humid and hot. With a sun umbrella, you can shield the area from the sun, while providing shade that allows for a cooler and more relaxing balcony area.

Sun Umbrellas By The Pool

Most of us do not think to bring a sun umbrella with us when we visit a public pool. That is because in most cases, the facilities provide them, but in limited amounts of course. But if you happen to find yourself with a lawn chair but without cool and shady spot to place it, you will quickly find out how beneficial sun umbrellas can be, as the area next to the pool can seem to be much hotter than it is because of the chlorine and light refracting from the nearby water. To remedy the shortage, you can bring your own sun umbrella to the pool and provide their own private space of shade. That will allow you to enjoy the water festivities as the children play in the pool while you remain cool and protected under the shade of the umbrella, even if the facilities run out of the free ones.

Sun Umbrellas By The Deck

Even the fanciest of decks have sun umbrellas to provide shade, although many times they are used purely for aesthetic appeal. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a wedding party, or hosting casual business events, you can appeal to your guests as well as provide them comfortable areas to congregate by placing sun umbrellas around the deck and outdoor areas.