We have always heard that the temperature is cooler in the shade. However, what if I told you that was a lie. Is your mind blown? Have you already tossed your patio umbrellas? Don’t do that just yet. The truth is that it is not cooler in the shade; it is actually just warmer outside the shade. Shade is a reflection of the heatwave given off in a certain area.

For instance, let’s say the surface of an area where the sun is directly hitting is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover it for a period and see what the temperature is. It is still the same. The only difference is direct beams from the sun are not hammering you. And don’t you for a second think all shade is good shade. It is really not, and shade alone is not the only protection from the sun you should use.

There is an industry dedicated to providing sun protection, and it is not only in it for the money. There are people who have fair or damaged skin and can only tolerate so much UV exposure from the sun. You can find several different topical solutions, cover-ups, and overhangs like patio umbrellas. Lets get a closer look at shade and how you can use patio umbrellas to beat the heat.

The Shadier, the Better

For obvious reasons, the more shaded you are, the safer, you are from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are no hidden debunked rumors about this. While shade itself offers some protection, it does not fully block out bad UV that bounce of nearby surfaces or the ones that penetrate the cover that is offering shade. So when using patio umbrellas, it is best to set them up near another shady area to maximize protection. The more shade you have, the more protection from UV you can have. Therefore, when you are sitting around your patio table and thinking that aluminum patio umbrellas will provide enough shade to keep you protected, then you are DEAD wrong.

If you speak with a leading skin expert, they will tell you layers are better, especially when combatting UV rays. Just because there are patio umbrellas on the market does not mean you should place it out in the open where it will be pounded on from every direction. If possible, set them up near or under a large tree; the extra foliage adds ‘layers’ of protection.

Being Shaded Does Not Mean Protection

Okay here’s the scenario. You are sitting on the beach, under one of those large outdoor market umbrellas. You are completely shade and do no bother with extra sunscreen or any other protectant. You remain under the umbrella nearly the whole time. And let’s say this is a normal activity you do and do not remain in the sun for long periods, ever. Down the line, you are still just as susceptible to skin diseases and you were shaded the whole time at while at the beach. UV has a sneaky way of refraction off surfaces to get into protected areas. So, just because you are under the shade, you are still being slammed with UV. Thin layers and sunscreens are out there to add extra protection. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Seek Shade Where Ever You Find It

Run, trip over things, scramble around, do whatever you have to do to get out of the direct sunlight. That stuff is toxic. Well not entirely, but it is extremely harmful in cases of prolong exposure. It is true that you get vital nutrients from sunlight, like Vitamin D, but the benefits of healthy and natural vitamin intake may not be as great as the faults of staying out in the sun too long. There are several types, shades, and colors of patio umbrellas, tilt umbrellas, offset umbrellas, and so many types of cantilever umbrellas along with other models, that can offer some protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but remember, it is not a total protection solution. Take the necessary steps to keep protected. If not for the sake of the potential lobster red skin, then for your health and fight against skin disease. Keeping your skin healthy, natural and beautiful doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice outside time.